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Why Spray Tanning Results Differ: Understanding Factors That Affect Your Skin Color

Saying yes to whatever shade of color can compromise the outcome of your Spray Tanning experience!

It's time for your fabulous tanning experience to be in the perfect shade for YOU!

It's Personal!!!

Imagine walking into a tanning studio with a vision of your perfect tan, yet uncertain about how to articulate it to your tanning artist. Fear not, because at Holytans, we embark on a journey alongside you, leaving behind the "one size fits all" approach to achieve a sun-kissed glow that's tailored and uniquely yours. However, achieving this level of spray tanning perfection transcends mere technique; it requires knowledgeable professionals who are well-versed in tanning solutions, DHA percentages, the Fitzpatrick scale, the color wheel, skin types, and undertones to ensure the best RESULTS! Whether you're a skin enthusiast or just curious about your skin's tonality, let's dive into the science of creating art through Airbrush Tanning.

Decoding your skin personality

Think of your skin as a book, each page revealing a different chapter in its history with the sun. While the Fitzpatrick Scale serves as an excellent guide, we embrace flexibility, individuality, and the ability to reinvent for each unique character.

- Type I - The Fair Pigmented: These individuals have extremely light skin, prone to burning at the mere thought of sunlight. Tanning seems like an alien concept.

- Type II - The Subtle Sun Seeker: Fair-skinned and willing to explore tanning, but they burn easily and tan only slightly.

- Type III - The Gradual Tanners: With fair to medium skin, they experience moderate burning but can acquire a gentle tan with time.

- Type IV - The Olive Enchanters: Possessing light brown or olive skin, they rarely burn and effortlessly acquire a coveted tan.

- Type V - The Golden Glowers: Those with brown skin rarely burn, and their tans deepen beautifully.

- Type VI - The Eternal Sun Lovers: Dark brown or black skin that never burns but tans to perfection with each sun-kissed layer.

The Symphony of Colors

Now, let's infuse artistry into our scientific understanding. Skin tonality, with its four shades - neutral, warm, cool, and olive, is the secret ingredient for creating a perfectly balanced palette of possibilities:

- Neutral Harmony: Visualize neutral-toned skin as a blank canvas, ready for any masterpiece. It's the chameleon of skin tones, adaptable to a myriad of tanning shades.

Insightful Tip: Neutral skin tones pair well with white and yellow gold jewelry!

- Warm Glow: Warm-toned individuals radiate hues of yellow, peach, or gold. Enhance your skin's warmth with violet hues.

Insightful Tip: Warm skin tones shine with yellow gold jewelry!

- Cool Elegance: Cool-toned skin carries hints of pink, red, or blue. Neutralize your skin's coolness with hues that incorporate a touch of green.

Insightful Tip: Cool skin tones complement white gold jewelry!

- Olive Allure: Olive-toned skin may subtly hint at green undertones. Balance and enrich your skin's olive radiance with red-based colors for that extra allure.

Insightful Tip: Olive skin tones shine with white, yellow, and rose gold jewelry!

The Alchemy of DHA

Now, what's the chemistry behind your perfect tan?

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), the magic ingredient, interacts with skin amino acids to produce that golden hue. The DHA percentage in your tanning solution is your secret weapon. At Holytans, we choose the percentage based on the results you seek, ranging from 10% to 16% and beyond.

In the Wild West of tanning options where "one size fits all" lives:

- Light Tan (6-8% DHA): Offers a gentle kiss of the sun.

- Medium Tan (10-12% DHA): Strikes the sweet spot for a sunlit glow.

- Dark Tan (14-16% DHA): Embraces your inner sun goddess.

Remember, achieving your perfect shade involves careful consideration.

Crafting Masterpieces

Your skin is your identity, and it's as unique as you are. When you're ready to reveal your best self, consult with us, share your preferences, and experience the power of perfectly even skin.

You may see Holytans as a tanning business, but we're truly a wellness studio dedicated to enhancing our community's tanning experience with top-quality products and consistent services. We aim to boost your confidence and do it all with a touch of magic. Get ready to live your best life and embrace yourself as the true work of art, a masterpiece!

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